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about aujourd'hui

Situated in a charming gallery where you feel the ambiance of the old days transfered into a light
and harmonious space without losing eye for the old elements.

Here in the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche you will find the balanced fusion of modern design
and art combined with antique masterpieces.





With a deep love and passion for history, art & interior design, Natalie realised her dream more than 5 years ago by opening Aujourd’hui ,a gallery and concept store in the heart of Saint Germain, Paris. With her sophisticated eye for interior spaces she combines artworks, antiques and design in the world of Aujourd’hui. Her interiors are based on the combination of natural materials, fabrics, textures, colours that create warm and bright sensation to the atmosphere. She is the Master of fusion of elegant pieces, modern art, african art & antique masterpieces.