Natalie shares a passion for beautiful and precious art and design. We find inspiration from visiting beautiful places around the world, drawing innovation through nature, history and museums. Unearthing artists who represent these principle elements, have our extra attention. We believe that art contributes to a beautiful environment, bringing soul to your home. In the store you will find a collection of our favourite artists.


A sculptor  and painter  known as a multitalent.
The expression of the face with all it’s different facets come together in his extra ordinary artworks.
By using different marials but staying in a well chosen color scheme he  plays effortlessly  with all kind of human emotions that come together in his striking artwork.

Carolien van der Heijden

She is a sculptur that works with bronze and various type of stones. Her beautiful statues tell the story of autonomous parts that enter into an organic relationship with each other.

Inge Verachtert

warm and quiet work with a powerful play of lines some tight, some playful

san ming

A creative multi talent, who never looks back for him there is only the future, the past is done and dusted. Creating new art into the shapes that excites him. He mixes certain styles together, the way it pleases him in the moment of creation. A mix between cubisme, american realism, resulting in beautiful sober paintings, for him " less is more ".

Daisy Boman

Her work depicts a collective goal, evoking a sense of belonging, a united community, or destiny. “the bomen”are not only ceramic objects, they are a personalization of our existence. Some alone, some with many. These creations can be surprisingly humorous and touching in their loneliness with their struggle for life in the immense emptiness of the universe. A perfect illustration of our fugacious existence. Small men which are brought to presence in great works of art

African Art I Peter de jeu

Art of Nigeria, the known and unknown tribes, Statues of the collection of Peter de Jeu an expert specialized in nigerian art. A life time of pure passion, knowledge, traveling through the country to visit the tribes in places often not accessible for the ordinary people. An obsession to look for the known and unknown tribes of Nigeria, has resulted in an extra ordinary collection of works of art, in wood, bronze and ivory. All very well documented in a 5 volume art book.

Jeanne Opgenhaffen

Delicate pieces of porcelain, each of them different one from the other, combined together in rhythmic compositions that suggest movement and space. Some creations are white, others in subtle shades of the chosen main colours Delicate in material, strong in creativity and artistic maturity. Each of Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s creations can without a doubt be defined as exclusive.

Maarten vrolijk

His art language is so unusual, refined and beautifull.
he plays with shapes, couleurs and materials in an uncontrived way.
On a quest for the fresh image, the place where fascination becomes something visible.
Many of his works has been collected and exhibited in renowed muséums.
museum modern art, New York, Stedelijk museum amsterdam, groninger museum.

Dutch glass art from the national glasmuseum

We are showing an exceptional and unique  collection of our favorite glass objects from the well known glassworks in Leerdam. The glassworks is a creative environment where artists and designers show their creations off beautiful and unique glass objects. Many of these objects can also be viewed in the National Glass Museum in Leerdam The Netherlands. 

Josette Rispal

Different from the known path, her art shows you the impossible and unknown. She combines unusual materials such as; bronze ,glass, plastic etc. As often , you have to find an object and the desirable materials to create the unexceptional. Josette Rispal asks for nothing, she gives, the sculptures of her dreams.

frank boogaard

After a long search he found his present in life. Shaping art, in supreme concentration and silence, to create a form that fits like a glove with the emotion. As a choreographer he composes the sound of his emotions into a shape. Emotions which he can not express by word. Shapes which he can feel around him, and which he translates into his works of art. In his art  works  you can see his emotions which results in the bronze sculptures, which is covered with a contrasting patina. The arising bronze sculptures are unique, just as the moment of creation.